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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 28, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sure who or what may actually be out there. >> your guess is as good as mine. i can't answer that question. >> in washington, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> we have much more straight ahead on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. fox 5 morning news at 5:00 begins now. good morning to you. don't know what you can see out there except just a few lights as cars headed into work or wherever they may be going on this tuesday morning. no ufos, i don't think. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> let's say good morning to mr. perkins. >> a ufo would make the day interesting. >> it sure would. >> throw every other story out. >> the temperatures a little milder than it was this time yesterday. >> our temperatures are in the low 70s across portions of the viewing area and we do have
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some spots of rain including some spots of heavy rain. let's start with that. we'll start with hd radar and she you how things are shaping up early this morning. out to the with is, we are seeing heavy rainfall moving from the south to the north. leesburg, you are under it right now getting some heavy rain. and reston, out towards herndon, sooing some heavy rainfall. nothing in washington, tease right now. most points east are rain-free but there are some showers popping up here and there and we'll expect to see more rain showers pop up through the course of the morning. let's get to the graphics now. we'll show you another look at the bigger radar image, satellite-radar for the region. plenty of clouds out there. plenty of clouds during the course of the morning and, as i said, more rainfall during the course of the morning. a flash flood watch is in effect until 8:00 this morning because of the rain we have seen and the rain we expect to see during the course of the
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morning hours. current will you, 72 degrees at reagan national. humidity is at 87%. those wind are out of the south at six miles per hour. your forecast for today, plenty of clouds this morning an rain but then some afternoon sunshine breaking through. highs into the low 80s today, believe it or not. we begin to try out. only to get more rain likely late wednesday into thursday. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with yuley and say good morning to her. >> we are kind of busy early this morning. we started off with a crash inbound along south capital street as you work your way up to the douglass bridge. that had the two left lanes blocked so expect delays off of 295 and howard road. southbound # 70 out of germantown, lap are open as you continue southbound headed out towards mva. no trouble spots on the beltway between college park and bethesda. -- southbound # 70 out of germantown, lanes are open as
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you continue southbound headed out towards mva -- southbound 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headline this morning, as we continue to check the day's headlines, a search for i rapist in maryland as police in montgomery count you are looking for a suspect who aparently attacked a woman in german up two. a # 1-year-old flagged them down on 3:00 on sunday. she said a man dragged her into the woods and sexually salted her. she said she did not get a good look at him. >> so before a limited suspect description at this time. unconfirmed race of this male attacker, believed to be in his 20s or 30s. she describes him as short and with a medium build. >> police to not think the victim knew her attacker. a d.c. judge has delayed the trial of the man accused of killing chandra levy. the judge has postponed it
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until october 18 saying the prosecution needs extra time to resolve an issue with the defense witness. levy disappeared intown. police in hagerstown say 16- year-old marcus longus hid a stolen handgun under his bed and that is where his little brother found it. he is in critical condition this morning. a virginia community is mourning after the sudden death of a star high school football player. austin trainemwas found unresponsible at his home yesterday morning. he went to brentsville district high school. stills do say his death does not appear to be accidental. our big story this morning a a white house shake-up on the horizon as rahm emmanuel is expected to leave his post and sources say it could happen sometime this week.
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sarah simmons is live outside the white house this morning with more. >> reporter: good morning, steve. sources close to rahm emmanuel say he could make an announcement about his decision possibly as early as friday. there has been speculation about rahm emmanuel leaving his post. but once chicago mayor richard daley announced he would not run for office again in chicago, speculation over emmanuel's departure grew even more since it was an office he had long tried to attain. he had interest in running for the mayor of chicago for years. now, with daley deciding not to run again that opens up the playing field for him to be able to throw his hat into the wring as well as many others would have been waiting. source is close to emmanuel say he has not made a final decision yet. apparently a big factor is the impact the campaign would have on his family would lives here in washington with him. should he leave, the president would have to apintd an interim chief of staff. one of the name that has been
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mentioned mostly has been pete rouse, somebody that has been a top -- one of his senior advisors. he was the former chief of staff when obama was in the senate. president obama has also publicly acknowledged the idea that rahm would be looking for run for mayor and even mentioned that he would have to start -- would have to make that decision sometime very soon in order to prepare himself for a mayoral race in 2011 in chicago. we're live here near the white house, sarah simmons, back to you, steve. >> thank you. republicans have been criticizing the president appear economic plan ask where are the jobs? the president signed a bill intended to help small businesses expand and hire new employ wreez yesterday. the legislation creates a $30 billion government fund to expand credit access for shawl businesses and includes $12 bill wrong in tax cuts. president obama is also turning his attention to education reform and some say he is slamming d.c. public schools in the process. in an interview on the today
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show yesterday, the president was asked if his daughters could get just as good an education in d.c. public schools aas they get at private school. he gave this controversial response. >> i'll be blunt with you. the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. now, they have made some important strides over the last self years to move in the direction of reform. >> test scores have jump significantly since d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee took over in 2007 but still less than half of d.c. public school children are reading and doing math at their grade level. developing news from north korea. up next, news coming out of a historical political meeting there about who may some day succeed kim jong il as the leader in north korea. a building collapse in our region leads to a frantic search. we'll check more headline coming up next on fox 5 morning news. ananiges th.ou
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a building collapsed in baltimore. there were tense moments because awe woman was seen standing out in front of the building when it collapsed. search crews did not find
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anything in the rubble. still no word on what caused that collapse. now to north korea where there is speculation hat youngest son of leader kim i don't think ill could some day succeed his father. kill jong un has been promoted to army general. that could signal potential grooming to take over the country. news came during a workers party meeting. a murder conviction for the drunk driver would killed a baseball player from maryland. a jury convicted andrew gallo in the detect of nick adenhart and two others. he was driving drunk last year when he slammed into their car. he faces more than 50 years in prison. adenhart, a graduate of a high school in maryland. before you get behind the wheel, put your cell phone down. maryland is about to go hands- free. but is the law tough enough?
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also coming up in just a few moments, we've got more rainfall this morning. some of that rain is high-def qhi. we'll show you where it is. -- some of that rain is heavy. julie wright will be along to take a look at traffic. fox 5 news will be right back.
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take a look outside it capitol dome. beautiful shot right there. we do have a little bit of rain out there some some places. we'll talk that b. that. still dealing with some major flooding in the midwest. the wisconsin river poured into a rural neighborhood. the waters not expected to start receding until at least tomorrow. folks in south dakota also fighting waters from the big sioux river. parts of minnesota are now in recovery mode after days of flooding. out west in california, they're dealing with a record heat wave. it is late september but the
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mercury showed temperatures up to 113 degrees in los angeles. this horn, temperature cut power to about 0,000 homes yesterday and also sparked several small wildfires across los angeles as well as orange county. >> they're getting such a late start to summer out there. it was in the 60s all through june. >> it is crazy. tucker was telling me that that 113-degree temperature in l.a. is the warmest it's ever been there. >> we were showing the flooding too in the midwest. do we still have concern about flooding here? >> before a avalanche flood watch in effect for most of the area t does include washington d.c. until 8:00 tonight because of the potential for flash flooding. sorry. the flash flood watch is until 8:00 this morning. i'm sorry. >> we have rain coming down. >> we have more rain coming down. heavy rain here and there out to our west. let's start with that.
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i'll show you that. i can show you that across the hour, you are dry at this hour. you are not dry but you are not getting rain. out to the west, we are indeed getting pretty good rainfall out near reston and leesburg places like that. that is where we're seeing a lot of the rain and up towards -- moving to the north, just to the west of gaithersburg. it is moving in a northerly direction so more rain showers minister district. not so much in terms of rain. all the rain we are getting today, just like yesterday moving from the south to the north. we do have some rain showers in prince george's county. and then some more rain down to our south and again, we'll watch this during the course of the morning continue to move up. as far as how much rain we got yesterday up until midnight last night reagan national, 2/10 of an inch. you add that to the tenth of an un. that they had the day before. they've had just a third of an
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inch of rain. bwi marshall, jackpot, an inch of rain there yesterday. we'll add onto these totals today. let's take a look at the big picture. radar image for the mid- atlantic. we'll pull it out for you. again, this morning, you see that spin in the atmosphere. there is your low pressure system off to our west. we told you yesterday it would stay off to the west. moving to the north, you can see the spin in the atmosphere owe the low is in west virginia now pulling all of these rain showers up towards our area. again, we expect to continue to see rainfall through the morning. periods of rain as we know some of you are get something rain. more rain comes through. current temperature, 72 degrees here in washington. quantico is at 70 degrees. manassas, 68. baltimore, 716789 frederick, maryland is at 70 degrees at this hour. your forecast for today, early clouds and rain. we have that flash flood watch in effect until 8:00 a.m. before a coastal flood advisory in effect until 5:00 p.m. we'll see some afternoon
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sunshine and that will take our temperature up into the low 80s about 81 degrees. then your five-day forecast, it is an active five-day. could get some late rain tomorrow into thursday. it's little nor'easter coming our way. we could see more heavy rain during the day on thursday. then friday, mostly sunny skies. 7 # for your high. right now, saturday look to be good although with a low temperature. 70degrees for your high. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> all right. if you are traveling the beltway in virginia, that is where you will find some problems. we'll show that you camera in just a moment. first, let's start off with good news. that is the commute on the top stretch of the beltway as you travel around from college park trying to work your way past colesville road. all lane are open continuing out towards 270. # 70 is starting to slow just a bit now south of 109 but no incidents to report. you will find traffic volume moving in your favor along 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel.
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-- 270 is starting to slow just a bit now south of 109 but no incidents to report. the ramp to the inner loop to exit at eisenhower avenue remains closed. the beltway itself is open but there are delays in that area. outer loop heading for the wilson bridge, all of your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. are you ready to go hands- free? you will have to by friday if you live in maryland. that is when the new that you kicks in. sherry ly explains how this law works. >> reporter: on a day with slick roads, driving is dangerous enough but with a cell phone glued to your ear the risk a crash quadruples. one reason states like maryland are going hands-free if you wanted to talk behind the wheel. >> based on telephone surveys with drivers in states with hand-held phone bans, we found some did switch to hands-free phones but overall phone use was still down. >> reporter: the problem is accidents didn't go down which is the point of these laws. hands-free, some drivers admit, is just as risky.
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>> it is the actual conversation conversations that everyone is having which is disdragging people from paying attention to the roads. that is not something you can regulate. >> reporter: in every other state and the district, police can stop a car just for violating the cell phone ban. not in maryland. >> i don't understand why you would bother to make a law like that. if you are going to make it illegal, then make it illegal. >> reporter: state's law which takes effect friday is a secondary offense. that means police must see you doing something else wrong hike speeding. the spine is $40 for a first offense, $100 for a second one and comes with no points unless you get into an accident. >> if you are texting or talking on the phone while fiving, you are probably doing something else wrong. >> reporter: enforcing the law could be problematic. people can legally dial and hang up making it difficult to tell whether someone is actually breaking the law.
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>> over time, if a law condition be enforced, compliance will slide. >> the law also bans teching and driving and officers can pull you over for that without having any other reason. there are new developments in the emergency landing at jfk airport. coming up next, the spectacular scene was can toured by a passenger. now, we are learning what the faa knew about that landing gear before the incident. we have details. up next, what is up with washington wizards star, gilbert arenas. a new look and a new attitude. we'll tell you why you may not recognize him much this season. stay with us.
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there are new developments in the emergency landing of the jfk delta flight at yfk airport. >> turns out the faa had issued a warning about a problem with the landing gear of the series 900 plane. we get more details in this report. >> stay down! stay down! >> reporter: cell tone video captures the terrifying moments on board flight 4951. you can sea passengers brace in their seats as the plane makes an emergency landing. just minutes before, pilot jack conroy asked for clearance to divert to jfk. >> our preference would be to proceed over to jfk and execute an emergency landing over there. one of the want to confirm, we are declaring an emergency. >> reporter: could the scare had been prevented?
5:26 am
fox 5 confirmed the faa issued what is called an air worthiness directive back in july bull putting the airlines on note its is about a landing gear problem. that directive includes this claim. >> what we have here is an ad that specifically dealt with what could be a very has adous condition on an aircraft, landing greer problems. and not just landing gear problems that you could not drop one gear or both gears but you could have also had a landing with the gear folded. >> reporter: the faa calls it an unsafe condition. that full landing gear extension may not be achievable. right now, we don't know if that is what happened to flight 4951. but here is what captain conroy was feeling with on the delta flight connection operated by atlantic steefts airlines. his right wheels were stuck in the up position and he it ho try to land the plane on its left wheels and its right wing. >> what he was worried about was that the aircraft could
5:27 am
have done a cartwheel on the runway or if the aircraft wing, he dropped it down too hard could have broken the wing, spilled the fuel and now you have a real great emergency because you probably would have fire. >> reporter: captain conroy was able to bring the plane down safely and saved 64 lives that night. we spoke with some of the passengers on good day new york. >> i'm a bit more appreciative of the skills that pilots have for one thing that you are putting your life in their hands. we have much more still ahead this morning on fox 5 morning news. sarah? roe are awe major shake-up in president obama's administration. will the white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel be leaving his post and when? i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the details when fox 5 morning news returns.
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blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. welcome back. we take a look at traffic in oxon hill this morning. it is tuesday more than, september 28th. a few days left in this month as we get closer to october. that is when it really starts to feel like fall. >> the other day, i was telling my son on september 25th, i said i can't believe it is three months before christmas. >> oh, this year has flown by. >> it is flying by. what i year it has been so far. as far as our weather goes, very active year and we are in an active weather period right now where we're getting some much-needed rainfall and we are
5:31 am
not done yet, folks. let's take a look at hd radar. while man of you are not sewing so -- seeing any rain at this hour, some of you are seeing some mist. there is some heavy rain off to the north and west, all of this moving to the north as we saw with yesterday's rain as well. an area of low pressure is moving from the south to the north. in tease we are not getting any rain but here it comes. it will be coming through during the next 30 minutes. let's go to the graphics right now at reagan national airport. the wind winds are out of the southeast at eight miles per hour. i think that will be a feature of the day with the low close by. winds coming out of the south generally southerly direction. 7 # degrees is your current temperature. humidity, 87%. here is your day planner for today. first part of the day, lots of clouds, rain, temperatures in
5:32 am
the 70s. we to think the sun will break out through the clouds. there will still be some clouds hanging around. it will be breezy and should get a high of about 81 degrees. not bad this afternoon. we get set to do it all again starting tomorrow afternoon. i'll tell you about that in just a little bit. >> okay. thank you. let's check in with julie and look at traffic. >> all right, kind getting busy especially in virginia. we have a lot going on there. first, we'll show you the commute along southbound 270 with all that road spray. that is just a mess waiting to happen. no accidents to report but again, this is what we're waking up to in some areas. again today, plan your trip accordingly. plan on leaving early and plan on packing the patience. i think you'll need t overnight there was an accident. i'll move out of the camera for you. if you are on the inner loop of the beltway at eisenhower avenue, that is where the crash occurred. they are busy blocking that ramp making repairs to the guard rail.
5:33 am
the beltway itself is open on the inner loop at eisenhower avenue. it is just the guard rail blocked at this point while they make repairs to the guard rail. a crash involving a tractor- trailer. they are checking for that outer loop of the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> new this morning, eye number of cattle are dead following a fire ate livestock facility in northern virginia. this fire broke out last night at the fauquier county livestock exchange in marshall. right now, it is believed about 20 cattle perished in the blaze which began just before 8:00 yesterday evening. many more did survive. the facility had about # 50 cattle there at the time. firefighters from six counties helped fight the fire. the cause is still under investigation. other stories making headline this morning. police in maryland need your help fining a rapist. police are looking for a suspect who attacked a 21-year- old woman early sunday morning. the woman says she was walking up frederick road near high point drive in germantown about 3:00 this the morning on sunday when she says a man grabbed her
5:34 am
from behind, dragged her into the woods and sexually assaulted her. anybody with information is being asked to call montgomery county detectives. a shake-up in the obama ad m. rahm emmanuel is expected to step down and sources say it might happen sometime this week. sarah similar -- similar monday is joining us live outside the white house. >> reporter: sources say close to rahm emmanuel say he will make an announcement as early as friday perhaps. there has been speculation that the white house chief of staff would be leaving his post but once chicago mare richard daley announced that he would not run again, the speculation grew even more. emmanuel has long expressed his interest in running for the mayor of chicago. and of course once daley decided to step down, several people are expected to throw hair hats into the ring, him being one of then. the source close to emmanuel
5:35 am
says he has not yet made a final decision. the big factor that he is weighing is the what the impact a mayoral campaign would have on his family. should he leave, president obama will have to apoint an interim white house chief of staff. the name is being tossed around now and it is pete rouse. he is one. senior advise ad -- he is one of the senior advisors to president obama. president obama has acknowledged publicly about rahm emmanuel's wishes to run for mayor and what his decision may be. he says he will have to make a decision soon whether or not he will leave and make that run since the mayoral race would be coming up in in 2011 in chicago. the president signed a bill
5:36 am
for small businesses. republicans maintain the measure will push more jobs out of country and uncresting taxes un-- increasing taxes. a florida woman hit the president with the toughest and simplest question of of the day. >> i wanted to know whether or not you think that malia and sasha would get the same high- quality rigorous education in a tease public school as compared to their very elite private academy that they are attending now. >> i'll be blunt with you. the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. now they have made some important strides over the last several years to move in the intersection of reform.
5:37 am
>> reporter: over the past three years at d.c. secondary schools, math proficiency jumped from 27 to 43%. the obama children attend sidwell friends arc private cool where tuition is # 1,000 this year. >> in a public school, you may have they're helping them or they're studying at home. in private school setting, you may have students who are well fed whose parents are unvested in their education. you just have i certain disif aren't set of circumstances. >> dcps released the following statement. we appreciate that the president recognizes the important steps to reform that have been taken at d.c. public schools. we are proud of growth our students have shown during the last three years of reform. and that growth and the reforms will continue until d.c. has the world class public education system that the district's children deserve. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the president did say there are some terrific individual
5:38 am
public schools in d.c. and in cities all across america. president jimmy carter was the last president to send his kids to a public school in washington. there is tragic news this morning surrounding the man who owned the company that makes the segway. stay withus. .an th.ou
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a claim that the u.s. conducted an industrial sabotage on one. its allies following a cybertax on iran's nuclear power station. the tax happened just week before the nuclear staying was set to open. iran says the power plant's computer software was hit by a viral worm capable of exposing top secret information. iran is trying to downplay the situation but unexpert says the virus is infecting about 60% of the computers including those at the nuclear plant. the man would bought the company that makes the segway was found dead after apparently falling off of a cliff while riding one of the two-wheeled scooters. british police found the body of james heselden. the ask rest would played the elderly survivor in the hollywood blockbuster film titanic has died. gloria stuart died of respiratory failure at her home
5:42 am
in los angeles. she starred in some big movies in the 1930s but it was her role as rose calvert in titanic that earned her an academy award nomination. stuart died at the age of 100. coming up next, are you in the market for some new household appliances. we will tell you when and where can you save a few dollars on that. plus, some changes from the irs. we'll let you know what you won't be getting next year. also speak of chains, here is the new look for gilbert arenas. that is not all. we'll tell what you he says he will not be doing this coming season. plus, we'll check your morning commute for you. wet out there again this morning and tony take a look -- takes a look at the weather us for. you're watching fox 5 morning news.
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good morning. welcome back. wet out there again. >> really coming down in some places. >> i'll tell you about it in just a moment. >> need what day for the wizards yesterday. new look, new attitude for gilbert areap as. he played only 42 games over the last two seasons. last year's suspension for guns not to be discussed and
5:46 am
gilbert's trademark smile not to be seen yesterday. >> the only place i want to smile is on the court, you know. that is what my job is. that is where my love is. that is the only time i need to smile now. i'm very happy. the past ways show of happiness on the outside. no need to do that anymore. now, can i just play the game the right way, play with my passion and that is what we need to focus on. >> i give him credit. you want to play well on the court and you want your dedication on the court. let's keep in mind, gilbert also said at the beginning of the media and go down that route. >> a lot to talk about last year. >> this is before we learned a lot more. >> if that is happy, i would hate to see him sad. why not smile. that has never been a big issue. >> i'm really happy too right new, tony. >> smile, gilbert.
5:47 am
>> he looks a lot better when he smiles. >> would doesn't? >> we showed that live shot just a few seconds ago. it is wet out there. you said the rain heavy in some places? >> yes, primarily to the north and west of the district although a lot of that was moving out. we'll show you where it is right now. some of you are not getting any rain at this moment but we've got more showers coming through. the heaviest rain now, some of it has pushed off today north and west. now, we have more developing to the west. a rather narrow band of heavy rainfall. the yellows and oranges are the heaviest rainfall amounts. out to the west of reston, heading towards leesburg, this is where you are seeing some heavy rain. we've got rain showers across northwestern d.c., up towards the beltway the american legion bridge. more rainfall down near la plata but some folk are not getting any precipitation although where you're in the getting precip, you are likely seeing mist out there this morning. it is another moist start to the day. we'll have more rainfall developing during the course of these morning hours. let's go to the graphics.
5:48 am
we'll take a look at the big picture radar image and again, there is four moisture. there is a left moisture to work with as this area of low pressure continues to track to the north. that is why our winds are out of the south and it is pulling all this moisture up from the gulf and from farther south up along the eastern seaboard, eastern portions of north carolina seeing some heavy rain. the outer banks as well. southeastern virginia down near the hampton roads area too and we'll continue to watch this and monitor this through the course of the morning. i do think we'll get some improving conditions here today. here is what is happening. we've got virtually an east coast tropical highway going on as these systems pull up aabundant tropical moisture down to our south. that comes up north along the east coast and brings us rain. it will do it again starting late tomorrow. we could see heavy rain wednesday night into the day and through the day on thursday. another few inches of rain is possible so we'll continue to have flooding concerns as the week goes by. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. 72 right now in d.c. and in
5:49 am
baltimore and in annapolis and in leonardtown. 68 in manassas where you are get something heavy rain. 68 at dulles airport. early clouds an rain and then some afternoon sunshine mixing with those clouds. warmer temperatures. yesterday we got up to 78 degrees. today, we think about 81, 82. those winds out of the south 10 to 15 miles per hour so it is a breezy day. five-day forecast, all right, maybe a little bit of sunshine early tomorrow when the clouds build in again. rain develops possibly as early as the afternoon hours. certainly during the nighttime hours and then during the day thursday, this rain could be heavy once again. friday, mostly sunny and sets us up for a nice and cool weekend, high about 07 on saturday. i'll tell you this much, high on sunday in the 60s the way things are looking right now. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> '60s were an era in time, not a high.
5:50 am
>> it will be a high this weekend. >> not for me. wet pavement this morning, that is what you're dealing with in a slow ride around town. not so bad right now at university boulevard headed through silver spring. it is busy in virginia, northbound i-95. check out the hov lanes headed north of route one up towards lorton. accident blocking the left lane of two. still busy doing some guard rail repair. outer loop. beltway, route 7 in tyson checking for an accident possibly involving a tractor- trailer. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. southwest airlines could soon be flying out of reagan national airport. the discount carrier agreed to a billion dollar deal to buy airtran airlines securing its nine gates at reagan. matt ackland breaks done what this means. >> reporter: it already caries more passengers than any american airline and now with this deal, southwest airlines will take over another low-cost airline, increasing its presence in the northeast and atlanta. >> we are all viced.
5:51 am
this one kind of caught us off balance. it had been rumored if a long time. >> reporter: airline expert darryl jenkins says southwest went after airtran because of its presence in airports that are nearly impossible to acquire new gates. reagan national, new york's la guardia and boston's logan airports to name a few. plus, now, southwest can go head to head with delta in atlanta where airtran has its hub. >> so sth's a huge deal for them. not only do you have that but you have it going to the caribbean. they are getting 10 years worth of grow out of this merger. >> reporter: louella rhodes is on her way back from atlanta. he she flies airtran often. >> i'm praying that the service will continue to be great, our flights will object time and most of all, we get very reasonable rates and air fares. >> reporter: so what about tick the prices? will they go down because southwest is at reagan?
5:52 am
general kick says don't bet on it. remember, airtran is already a low cost airline. >> smart move on the part of southwest and i think you will see some southwest come out of this that is just up credible. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. we have much more ahead. are u.s. nuclear sites at risk of being attacked by ufos. >> sounds string but some say they have the evidence to prove it and we'll hear from them. coming up next.
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are aliens from outer space visiting u.s. nuclear missile sites? it sounds like such a farfetched idea. to a group of former air force veterans, it is no laughing matter. >> they are coming clean about a long-running secret and they have the evidence to prove it. tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: at first glance, they could be any group of retired military vet an. >> i was a missile launch officer. >> communication electronics officer. >> combat missile targeting team commander. >> reporter: but besides their service in the air force, these men share something else. >> a white pulsating light in the sky. >> dark metallic in appearance with strange markings. >> reporter: stories that sound out of this world. >> they fully illuminated round object was hovering sile thely over the missile aisle owe and shining a light down onto it. >> reporter: from this dead stop, it shoots off to the east
5:56 am
just like now you see it, now you don't. >> reporter: the seven u.s. air force veterans almost a to have seen ufos over the missile sites that they say briefly shut the facility down when the ufos were there. >> this planet is being visited by beings from another world. >> reporter: sound far fetched? the group produced old air force documents recounting reports of flying discs, flying saucers and ball bawls of fire, is same time robert salas says he saw while stationed in montana in 1967. while interest in aliens is nothing new, critics say
5:57 am
efforts to look into it and they have never found any proof. >> reporter: roger lanham says he has questioned conspiracy theorists for years and has come away aen in believer. >> i always probe pretty hard what kind of evidence do you have to expert this? i have twret to see any. >> reporter: but these veterans insist they have actually seen the proof with their own eyes. even if they can't say for sure would or what may actually be out there. >> your guess is as good as mine. i can't answer that question. >> if washington, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> a spokesperson tells fox 5 they've received lots of questions about the veterans' claims. >> but they are not ware of any open cases on ufos or alien sightings at nuclear missile ranges. straight ahead, we'll take a look at all your top stories. we'll get another check on your top stories for you and take a look at the weather. fox 5 morning news coming right back.
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